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Test Bed Fuel Problems
Having trouble with your test cell fuel monitoring system? Vapour in the return line? Gulping delivery? Uncontrollable or excessive fuel temperature? Unsuitable positioning of HP fuel pump?

Your troubles could be at an end by fitting a JPS Engineering float-chamber between your measuring system (gravimetric or volumetric) and the test engine.

Diesel and GasolineTypes FM 78, 150,170,211, 212, 218 and 290
Fuel Flow Meters - FM78
FM 78
General: All units are float-chambers vented to atmospheric pressure, especially designed to cope with return fuel arrangements. Type FM150, 170, 211 and 290 can also be used with fuelling systems without return, or when fitted with a suitable valve unit, they can be piped into a return line as a de-aerator.

The units are deigned for gasoline and diesel fuels (commercial and reference). For use with biofuels, "specials" are required. The larger tanks can be fitted with fuel or water cooling/heating finned coils.

When units FM150, 170, 211 or 290 are employed as de-aerators, there is no "fuel in" connection on the valve assembly, only a vent pipe. The fuel return connection becomes the fuel inlet and the fuel to engine becomes the unit fuel outlet. With FM150, 170 and 290 the connections are interchangeable. This is not the case for the FM211/212.

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Call +44 (0)7540 887458 and ask for Nich

Call +44 (0)7540 887458 and ask for Nich

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